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Virtual computational server

High-performance computational server

Resource access hall


Virtual computational server

Virtual computational server is a virtual machine with operating system and specialised software packages installed and is able to access shared clusters and dedicated high-performance machines. Virtual computational server is suitable for performing scientific computations and can be customised for needs of a particular user.

Processor 1-12 cores, 3 GHz  
RAM 2-96 GB  
Operating system UNIX CentOS 5, 6
Ubuntu 11, 12
Windows Windows 7 Professional
Windows 2008 Server


High-performance computational server

High-performance computational server is a hybrid machine equipped with multiple GPUs or a multi-processor SMP machine equipped with high-capacity RAM and dedicated to the needs of a whole research group.

  SMP machine Hybrid machine
Processor 64 cores, 2.2 GHz 12 cores, 2.67 GHz
RAM 2 machines, 0.5 TB

96 GB

1 machine, 2 TB

16 machines, 3 NVIDIA Tesla M2050
8 machines, 8 NVIDIA Tesla M2050
Hard drive 2000 GB 120 GB
Total machines 3 24
Total peak performance 1.7 TFLOPS 59.6 TFLOPS


Resource access hall

Resource access hall located in the room 116 of RC CC  and is intended for classes, seminars and conferences, as well as to train employees of the Resource Center and other University departments. Access hall  is equipped with Samsung monoblock computers, a large projection screen (1.5 x 2 m) for presentations and training and Polycom QDX6000  video conferencing system. 

List of equipment:

  • 28 workstations:
    • 16 Samsung Thin Client Monitors 930XT
    • 12 Samsung Thin Client Monitors 930XT
  • MadiaVision Projection System
  • Sanyo projector plc-xu58
  • Polycom QDX6000  video conferencing system
  • NetOp School Software