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What is Zimbra?

In RCCC as the mail service used Zimbra

Zimbra - open software created by company of the same name, to automate and simplify the company employees teamwork, or any other groups. In particular, this package combines various systems for information exchange:

  1. Mail;
  2. Calendar;
  3. Tasks list;
  4. Phone book;
  5. IM (instant messaging);
  6. Storage and document editor.

The main advantages of Zimbra:

  •  Easy to install and manage;
  • Support for all popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS;
  • Support for all popular mobile devices (BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and devices based on Windows, Android, Symbian);
  • The ability to sync with other planning systems and mail services;
  • Web-based interface that provides access to your mailbox from any device anywhere in the world;
  • The ability to work even in the off-line;
  • Operability in any web browser.
  • Efficient filtering spam;
  • Information security;
  • An easy way to import data from Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook and other programs.
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