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Terms of use

Terms of access and use of resources

  1. The resources of computer center shall not be used for any tasks except the mentioned in application form.
  2. Users are fully responsible for license and  compliance with current legislation of software they installed.
  3. Each user have to be an individual. Collective responsibility for user login is not valid.
  4. Sharing users login and password with other users is strictly forbidden. For security reasons, it is recommended to change password when first login and then once a month.
  5. All users are undertake to provide reports on report on the investigations carried out with the help of the computer center  ( once a year at the request of the administration)
  6. The authors of scientific works are undertake to put links to computer center in their publications.
  7. Users should repeat the registration of their projects in order to extend it.
  8. In case of change of any registration information (contact information, resource requirements, and others.) The user have to immediately inform the computer center

    Violation of the rules could entail the deactivation of user's account and resource exclusion.